I’m now at home but still doing Random Acts of kindness whenever I can!   I’ve taken out my Name as I now want this to be anonymous!   Hope you enjoyed your Random Act of Kindness and will pay it forward!

[dropcap text=”E”] xcited you are coming on this adventure with me!  I was 37 yrs old in 2015 when I started this project and from Sherwood Park Alberta just outside of the city of Edmonton. I’ve spent the 13 yrs working as a new home sales consultant, the last 4 with an amazing company called Daytona homes.  I love my work but ever since I was young, I always had a dream to travel the world. Life got in the way and I was a master at coming up with all the reasons or excuses why I couldn’t  go, sure I’d go on short trips to the USA or Caribbean but never to places I’d always wanted to see! I was also thrown many curveballs by life, as we all have challenges and I always thought I had to deal with shtuff first. This year when my manager asked us in a meeting what our biggest dream is and wrote it down.  Then someone asked me “What’s holding you back?” I took a good,hard look at that question and realized NOTHING. The only limitation was myself.

The last few years working for an amazing company whose motto is ‘Work hard, play hard’  and they truly live it!   I was lucky to be in this company culture where they encourage employees to do better, be better, give back and to truly go after and live your dreams!   It made the decision to overcome my fears and embark on this adventure.

Why Sprinkle Kindness?

The past few years I have come to the belief that having an attitude of gratitude makes life so much better!  Everyday I find at least 1 thing to be grateful for! #365grateful!   So when I started planning this trip I wanted to do some volunteer work along the way to show my gratitude for being able to take this trip, but it didn’t seem like enough!   At home I often do random acts of kindness such as buying coffee for the car behind me or leaving a lotto ticket at the gas pump etc, so I thought it would be great to do this as I travelled!   I then stumbled upon some ladies in Alberta who were doing this type of project all across Alberta called #SprinkleKindness, after speaking with them, it seemed a perfect fit!

There is around 140 refugees in an abandoned building in Athens that are not receiving regular service from NGO’s or other organizations as they are not at the port or in a camp.   They are at danger of deportation because they are from Afghanistan and not Syria.  These are families with young children.  I asked them for a list of things they need today:
Vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, onions)
1 pair of size 40 ladies flip flops or other shoes
womens underwear
shower gel – about 3 bottles

I’m travelling the world doing volunteer work and random acts of Kindness.  All travel and accomodation is at my own cost but I’d appreciate any donations towards the volunteer work with the refugee’s in Greece or the orphanages in Kenya and Uganda. These funds will be used to purchase food, clothing, books and toiletries for those in need.  You can also sponser a Random act of kindness in another part of the world, then track and see how far your ripple of kindness travels at www.sprinklekindness.ca

Random acts of Kindness completed:  42

Volunteer work:
Iceland-  11 Days.  Organization called SEEDS, helping a small town called Hvergerdi develop walking trails, painting and picking weeds.

Romania- 1 Week. Working with mentally challenged children and young adults at Blijdorp in Suceava.

Portugal- 1 Week. Working with ‘Just A Change’ painting a seniors home, and construction of a new bathroom for a senior lady who did not have a bathroom.

Spain-  8 Days- Twice.  English immersion program to help Spaniards improve their English skills.

Greece-  1 month.  Currently working wherever needed to provide food/clothing to refugees in Athens, Port, at squat locations and soon on 1 of the islands.

Kenya/Uganda-  1 month.  Volunteering at orphanages/schools.  Orphfund, and Daystar childrens homes.

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