August 6th to 9th Strasbourg/Metz/Faulk

August 6th, 2015

EEEEK!    First time couch surfing!   If you are not familiar with Couch Surfing its a website that connects travellers with people in a particular area who has a couch or spare room for you to stay for free.  The idea is to get to know other cultures and to travel in a way that allows you to really know what life is like their.   When you join the site, you can choose to become verified which I think makes it a bit safer, as they verify your name and bank account info and then also your address by sending you mail with a code to enter in once you receive it.  I have tried to do CS in every city, but being such a busy time in Europe, this was the first time someone accepted.  Troy had great references from other surfers,  so I felt pretty confident going to stay with him.   He has quite the profile/education/travel experience and though I felt a bit small town in comparision, he really was a fantastic host.   He met me when my tram arrived near his flat even though I arrived quite late, and had many brochures and ideas for me to see.

August 7th, 2015

WOW!  Finally some summer!   it was 38C and super humid!  This morning I walked to L’Orangerie Parc in Strasbourg, which is a huge maze of trails, that is famous because Napolean built a large green house here to grow Orange’s  for his wife Joesephine.   There is a large palace type home here that is used for weddings etc.  walked around the city a bit till lunch when it was too hot to do anymore, and went back to Troy’s flat for a nap.

At the Park L’orangerie
Beautiful Lake at the L’Orangerie Park in Strasbourg.
Pavillion Josephine


Troy lent me a bike later in the afternoon, for me to go see Petite France, which is a center type area with really old homes, churches etc.  After my tour, I met him at a Mussel restaurant and they were awesome!  Tried a few new things, and learned from Troy that meals are more of an experience here and to really try to taste the food and drink.  Interesting compared to my usual drive through eat while in the car, and really did I taste anything at all?  Troy has a pass for free movies, so while he worked on the book he is translating I went to see a movie about an American movie who escaped Austria,  then sued the Austrian government to recover a Klimt painting that was done of her aunt but stolen by the Nazi’s.   Was really interesting.   After the movie we biked to Germany!  Then to a 1000 year old church, where they did an amazing light show!  I am so grateful I got to stay with Troy, and all the stories and knowledge he shared with me!

2015-08-07 17.39.53
Zoom in you can see a fake beach area!
2015-08-07 17.57.42
Petite France area in Strasbourg
2015-08-07 19.42.01
My delicious Mussel dinner!
2015-08-07 23.53.50
From the Church light show! Amazing!
2015-08-07 23.58.29
The church is 1000 years old now!


Klimt Painting from the Movie I watched
Not a great photo but Troy and I at the light show.

August 8th, 2015

Took the early train to Metz, which is just outside of Strasbourg to see Miss Coline who I met in Iceland!  We walked around the Center and saw another beautiful church!  Then drove to her home town of Faulk where she showed me around a bit, and we relaxed and enjoyed some wine and great company!   She also showed me the neat Baguette vending machine on her street!  I know it takes so little to amuse this little Canadian farm girl! (you can view these video’s on my Facebook page)

August 9th, 2015

Coline went and got us fresh croissants for breakfast, amazing!  We spent some nice time together and then I was off by train to Luxembourg!  I know we will see each other again one day Coline, you must come to Canada!

Cathedral in Metz
Cathedral in Metz
The Cathedral entrance
Coline & I
2015-08-08 19.58.02-1
Our dinner on a night too hot to cook, with a fresh Baguette from the vending machine!
2015-08-09 11.16.14
These little Cave like structures were all along the hillside in Coline’s town of Faulk. SHe says they were once used to keep vegetable cool in summer.
The beautiful organ inside the church
Stained glass artwork on every window, really the pictures do it no justice.
A closer look at the details at the entrance to the Cathedral.


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