August 16th, Brussels and Netherlands!

August 16th, 2015

Mie’s daughter was headed off on vacation with her Dad, so we drove them to the airport in Brussels and explored the city before I caught the bus to Amsterdam.  We saw another beautiful Cathedral where the King and Queen of Belgium were married, and some more beautiful streets and buildings, as well as some displays for the Smurfs and Tin Tin which are both from here.

King and Queen of Belgium.

image image

Mannekin Pis: A famous statue in Brussels whom they dress up in different outfits for different occasions. He has over 800 outfits. There are many different legends about who he is, but they all seem to be about a young boy who saved the day by peeing on something: varies from fires, to a bomb/dynamite wick etc.
Some of the Mannekin’s outfits.

After another beautiful lunch, courtesy of Mie, I was off by bus to Amsterdam.  I am truly grateful to have met Mie, and think she is one of the kindest souls I have met.  She has a great outlook on life, is friendly, funny and open.  Her daughter Janna is especially lucky to have such a great role model, and I really can not wait to host you in Canada…or meet you in NYC!   xoxo

After almost 3 hours on a bus to Amsterdam and trying to manuver another new transit system and finding my way to the hostel, I was exhausted but hungry.  I arrived to my room (which was a great recommendation from a fellow I met in Scotland, from Australia!)  I was met by a cheerful lady from Croatia Iva (Eva)  who was also setting off in search of a meal.  She had researched and found a Surinamese restaurant about 10 min from the hostel, the food was wonderful and I got to learn a bit about Croatia!  Croatia was on my maybe if I am passing through list, but it has now jumped to the MUST SEE list!!!   It was an early night after the past few days being so busy.

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