10028 Made By You ceramics shop

Budapest Hungary- Made By You ceramics store

Someone sprinkled kindness on you, and that’s awesome! Let us know who you are, where you’re from and what the act of kindness was in the comment area below. You can even attach an image of what you received.

When you’ve posted your comment take the card and pass it on to someone new with your own random act of kindness so we can keep sprinkling the kindness.

Need idea’s on how to pay it forward?  Random Acts of Kindness

This card was sponsored by sister Joleen and her daughter Mackenzie in Alberta Canada.  When I arrived at my accommodation’s in Budapest and this place was next door, I knew this was the perfect place to leave a random act of Kindness, since I often take Mackenzie to a similar place where we live! Made By You Budapest

Made By You in Budapest
Mackenzie age 7 enjoying ceramic painting!

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