In Cascais Portugal, a homeless man came into the gas station where I was buying water and the cashier hasseled him, I don’t understand Portuguese but I could tell she was asking him to leave, he bought an Espresso (about 60 cents) and went outside.  I bought a sandwich and gave it to him as I was leaving, and he seemed grateful.  Not every act of kindness will actually get a card as I know there is little chance they have the capability to actually post it, or pay it forward. As cool as it is that a few of the cards have been registered and that there is a chance they will continue, for me it is not about the cards and seeing where they end up, but rather knowing that maybe I made someone’s day and that I add more to the world then I take from it.


Someone sprinkled kindness on you, and that’s awesome! Let us know who you are, where you’re from and what the act of kindness was in the comment area below. You can even attach an image of what you received.

When you’ve posted your comment take the card and pass it on to someone new with your own random act of kindness so we can keep sprinkling the kindness.

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